Stand-up Comedy

John’s story-based comedy has appeared in LA, NYC Off-Broadway, Montreal Comedy Festival and clubs across the country.

John is also a seasoned Host, Master of Ceremony and Toastmaster.

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Cold. Sober. Comedy.

John Lehr speaks openly & hilariously about his struggle with drugs and alcohol, his twenty plus years of sobriety and his career in entertainment.

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John Lehr has headlined Caron Treatment Center’s Sober St. Paddy’s Day Comedy Night for two years in a row and brought the house down both times. Hundreds have enjoyed Lehr’s imaginative mix of humor that alternates between bawdy and brainy, inspired and slapstick. Lehr weaves together over-the-top stories of his seemingly endless “rock bottoms” that literally leave you laughing so hard you miss half of the story. He combines physical humor with dramatic pauses and the kind of narrative story-telling hilarity that comics today should do more of – John Lehr’s show is ridiculous and true and resonates with those who are sober, those who aren’t, and those who should be.

Nancy Zintak

Regional Vice President, Caron Treatment Centers

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With 20 years experience pitching, writing, showrunning, producing and acting John is available to help you develop and pitch your projects. Whether you are are new to the biz or looking for some new insights, have your people call John’s people… or just click below (probably more efficient).

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